My artistic concerns began with painting from direct observation, a traditional western approach to the practice. My intention began with developing skills as a painter to accurately depict what I saw, which involved resisting the temptation to put a moral or sentimental overlay onto the subjects I chose. In order to accomplish this, a deep sustained quieted mind was necessary.

Gradually, as a natural consequence of silently observing and painting material reality in this way, my experience began to change in ways that dissolved the boundaries that were there previously between "myself" and the “object." An unspoken understanding beyond the physical characteristics of the "object" began to emerge. The interrelationship between the object and the space around it, the light, the shifts in color, and my response to it became more important than the singular nature of the object itself. The apparent duality between myself and the object dissolved into an experience with no subject/object division.

This experience came with profound states of peace, joy, unconditional love, and understanding.

Naturally, though suddenly, my artistic concerns turned toward the interior dimensions of reality. I began to explore my inner consciousness with the same care, attention, and concentration that I was accustomed to train on the exterior world. Quickly and spontaneously I discovered that, through giving attention and concentration on the space within, and surrendering to a receptive state of being, limitless dimensions would avail themselves that had their own reality, filled with energy, life, information, intelligence and more. Time and space as linear or static aspects of reality began to open up to reveal the deeper, truer non-linear and fluid nature of a unified reality.

Language is inadequate to express the states of consciousness accessed through painting, dreaming, mediation, shamanic journeying, and other similar practices. Painting is a language that might be only a little bit less inadequate in expressing these states. The paintings in the “Metaphysical” gallery are some examples that come from this practice.

You can contact me at jamesbursenos (at)

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